Start at the beginning

I spent 15 years achieving and surpassing my expectations for the start of my career. I was a respected senior leader overseeing a staff and team of more than 200 people. But the elephant in the room was that my vision was leaking, and the credibility gap in my mind was growing.

The Credibility Gap
On the surface everyone saw a successful organization and professional life. I could only see the carousel of people and relationships being left behind amidst the “success.” Initially, I made a big deal about these people and I was wasting so much time, energy, and stress on trying to change the organization. We successfully flattened the organization, created an ecosystem for organic multiplication, and created a pipeline of leadership with development programs. What I couldn’t face was the fear that for all the success I was having, this was not really my sweet spot.

The Pivot
I walked away from the “success,” and turned down opportunities for new environments that, while having more resources or reach, were simply repackaging the same solutions all over again. What I really needed was to rebuild a vision of my life that integrated my principles and passions. Through the wisdom of coaches, who were not limited by the conventional paths, and the support of my friends and family, I recast my life towards the kind of character, relationships, and success that would be most fulfilling for me.

Lifework – Multiply Your Impact
Let’s work together on clarifying the purpose of your life, team, or organization. We’ll develop short and long term goals and implement the strategies to achieve them.