What’s in a name

Far too many people live as if life is happening to them. When you begin with the end in mind, you start to create your future now.

Telos Coaches has two foundational principles rooted in its name.

  1. “Telos” is a Greek word that means fulfillment and wholeness. Aristole used it to talk about the inherent purpose of a person or thing. What I love about that is it speaks to an “end goal.” The Bible uses it to talk about a shared wholeness and perfection. I want to help you make sure you are aiming for your supreme end goal. While you might have come here for a specific hurdle you are facing at work, overcoming that hurdle only matters if you are headed in the right direction. Everything I do seeks to honor your identity and desired destination. This is because no matter whether you achieve your next goal or not, I do not want you to fail at your ultimate purpose.
  2. “Coaches” speaks to our role in helping you achieve your potential. Sure I have expertise and could tell you what to do as a consultant. I have experience and could show you what do as a mentor. I can even help you explore your inner world as a counselor. More powerful and energizing to me is to unlock your potential as a coach. I am not the one playing on the field of your life. I can observe, ask questions, and encourage. It is from this vantage point as a coach that you will be able to achieve your potential long after you stop working with me.

Each of these principles drives how we recruit, coach, and develop talent. It is why we want to help you start living and working with the end in mind.